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Troménie of Locronan

It’s a religious procession dedicated to St. Ronan...


"Go for a walk in a sacred space": this is what means Troménie in Breton.

Every 6 years, the Great Troménie dedicated to St. Ronan, founder of Locronan parts of the small town and follows an ancient sacred path.

Thousands of people from Locronan and visitors dress their finest traditional Breton costumes and at a great procession, fly their parish banner and relics of their saint.

This procession takes about 12 km, dotted with 12 stations, each one associated with some rites.

Between the two Great Troménies, the Little Troménie happens every year with a course of 6 km.

Every Sundays after midday, 13 and 20 July 2014, are the biggest processions. And Saturdays evening, 12 and 19 July, a stage play about the life and death of St Ronan is represented on the front of the church that bears his name.

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