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The islands

The most beautiful islands of Brittany !

Rocky, sandy or green, windswept or gently rocked by the tides, the islands of Finistère are a gentle invitation to travel.

Discover Ouessant and Mullein, the rugged landscapes, changing according to the whims of time, refuge for sea birds and playground for seals, otters and dolphins.

Off the Pointe du Raz, the island of Sein, flat like a raft of less than one square kilometer, attractive by its magnificent scenery and wildlife and the warm hospitality of its people.

In all seasons, the beauty of these islands will seduce you.

Protected by the Regional Natural Park of Brittany, the Monts d'Arre, peaking at 385 meters, is the highest mountain in Britain.

The territory of wild and unspoiled landscapes alternating arid expanses, moors, heaths, lakes, rivers, rocky ridges and wooded areas.

The chain of mountains Arree offers spectaculars views of the surrounding landscape.

Roc'h Trevelez Roc'h Ruz, Yeun Elez, Mont Saint-Michel de Brasparts Huelgoat ... take the height and discover the mysterious Arrée Mountains.

An ideal site for mountain biking: browsing paths that run between moorland and green valleys, run the highest peaks of Brittany ... 180 km of marked trails for a quiet family discovery or more sports for insiders. For more informations, click on

Source photos : Wikimedia Commons

Crédit-photos : Portalix (n°1), Havang (n°2), Louboutinj (n°3), Gaëlle Fily (n°5)