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Hotel Le PrieureHotel Le PrieureHotel Le PrieureHotel Le PrieureHotel Le Prieure

« It is the warmth of a familiar home with the charm of the old times, and beautiful regional furniture’s.”

“It’s also discovering the gourmet kitchen of Brittany, the seafood, the fishes, the farm pork, etc…”

SEAFOOD (according to delivery)

Seafood plate (for 1 person)

6 oysters, ½ crab, shrimps (200 grs), crayfish …

Seafood plate ( for 2 persons)

12 oyster, 1 crab, shrimps, crayfish …

Royal plate ( for 2 persons) – only by order 24 hours before     

1 lobster, 12 oysters, 1 crab, shrimps, crayfish …


Crayfish with mayonnaise

1/2 crab with spikes or 1/2 crab with mayonnaise

Grilled Breton lobster (according to delivery and weight)

With butter sauce or armoricaine sauce

Pot of Breton lobster at armoricaine (only by order)




6 oysters

Mussels mariners

6 Cap Sizun snails

St Jacques casserole with small vegetables

Tureen of foie gras and toasts



St Jacques scorched salad

St Jacques scorched salad with foie gras

Argoat gourmet salad

Green salad with three cheeses

Green salad



Grilled ribs

Ribs with pepper  or béarnaise sauce

Duck breast with sauce of blackcurrant and honey 

Lamb shank with thyme scented juice

Roasted porck, cider sauce


FISHES (according to delivery)

Stretch of wild turbot with butter sauce

Steak of sea bass grilled at Aneth

Sole meuniere

Medallion of monkfish with armoricaine sauce

Filet of pollack with a smoothie lemon sauce

Seafood coleslaw

Stew fish and shellfish

Fish of the day (see slate)